UK Sea Hawkers 15-Year Celebration

Well Covid 19 has struck again. This year marked the official 15-year anniversary of our great friends over the pond, THE UK SEA HAWKERS.

As my dad used to say to me the best laid plans of mice and men often go array, and that is exactly what happened here.

The UK Chapter was planning on celebrating at their Annual Meeting in May and Covid-19 shut that down. The Central Council Board of Directors had been planning in conjunction with the team for some of the players to dress up in proper attire for over the pond and send digital well wishes. Well Covid-19 wrecked that idea also, as there is no direct contact with the players. So, what do we do??????

Roland the fantastic metal man made the metal gift and we decided upon the only thing we could do; well how original we will hold a ZOOM CELEBRATION!!!!!

I picked 2 dates and shot off the emails and we all settled on the 25th of July at 11:00 am PDT and 7:00 PM pond time. It’s a dinner/brunch get together.

So, the attendees from the UK Chapter were Cedric Auchere, Melanie Hardman, Stuart Court, Michael Herring, Terry Peppard, Andy Donnelly and of course the ONE AND ONLY SEAN WILSON. In attendance from the US Chapters were Pat Ford Snohomish County Sea Hawkers, Alena Edin Whatcom, Enrique Plascencia from the Latino Sea Hawkers. Elise Robinson, VP-Entertainment, Sue Farley Treasurer, Yolanda Morgan President and me.  We welcomed 3 very special guests Mike Flood, Community Outreach Director Seattle Seahawks, the bird with feathers BLITZ and the one and only Legend JIM ZORN. Jim was kind enough to spare us some of his morning as one of his daughters was getting married in his back yard later that day. Oh yeah and Blitz asked Jim on the white board, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY INVITATION?  I’m sorry more of the invited guests were not able to join us.

We chatted and caught up on some boring Covid chat making sure everyone was well and safe, than the special guest of honor arrived and we chatted with him, asking him to tell us a story about who the Dallas Cowboys cut him for a roster spot after the final pre-season game. It is always so mesmerizing to listen to one of the Legends talk about how they made their way into and through the NFL, and most importantly through the Seahawks program.

Corky Trewin the longest tenured Photographer with the Seattle Seahawks and Mr. Trivia was kind enough to send me some easier trivia questions that everyone enjoyed, and I busted out the Candy Seahawk Foot locker and came up with some prizes for the winners. Jim Zorn was also kind enough to sign a Mini Helmet and I will send that over to them.

Elise presented the metal art by Roland commemorating their anniversary, as Gary had to work, and she did a great job.

Yolanda and Mike thanked the chapter for all the charitable contributions that they do within their communities and asked how many members now? Sean informed us that there are approximately 500 members and told us that the Chapter started in 1986 with about 40 members.  Sean also told us that they are going to start a new program this season, they will ask the members what charities are near and dear to their hearts and try to select a few to honor. GREAT IDEA ALL.

We ended on the note that we probably will not get to visit in person this year, however I suggested that we do a game watch zoom, Sean was not sure that was a good idea since it would be 2:00 am their time and they would be in their underwear on the couches, we thought that sounds like lots of fun, so I think I will push a little and we might make that happen, at least a ½ time get together.

With that we all said goodbye and we will chat again. Seems so sad, with such uncertainty, but I will tell you it was a lot of fun and I really appreciate everyone that took 45 minutes out of their day to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Sean also sent a UK history done by one of their members, some fun reading.

Thanks All,
Candy Johns, VP-Liaison,