Sea Hawkers Training Camp booth

Sea Hawkers Membership Booth at Training Camp

The Seahawks hold training camp during the pre-season so that players and coaches can acclimate themselves to new teammates and systems. For younger players, it serves as a period of evaluation; for veterans, it is time to round back into form. Seahawks fans are able to attend training camps to

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Touchdown City

Touchdown City Sea Hawkers Inside Tailgate Area

Join us 3 hours before kick off at the only inside tailgate for members only. With your membership card you get free popcorn, a free game day program ($5.00 value), entered into the game day raffle, place to meet and greet your friends. Since 2019, to enter Touchdown City you

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Field Passes

What Are Field Passes?

How would you like the ability to watch pre-game warm up from the sidelines??? Sounds good??? It is amazing, if you are a paid member in good standing who belongs to a Sea Hawkers chapter, then ask your leadership about this benefit. each pass has a $350.00 value and the

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2021-22 Seattle Seahawks schedule