UK Sea Hawkers 15-Year Celebration

Well Covid 19 has struck again. This year marked the official 15-year anniversary of our great friends over the pond, THE UK SEA HAWKERS. As my dad used to say to me the best laid plans of mice and men often go array, and that is exactly what happened here. The UK Chapter was planning […]

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What Are Field Passes?

How would you like the ability to watch pre-game warm up from the sidelines??? Sounds good??? It is amazing, if you are a paid member in good standing who belongs to a Sea Hawkers chapter, then ask your leadership about this benefit. each pass has a $350.00 value and the Seattle Seahawks give them to […]

Sea Hawkers: The Official Booster Club of the Seattle Seahawks

Our Purpose: Through volunteerism, to support the Seattle Seahawks organization, players and families, fans and communities.

Our Mission: To make the world a better place by raising awareness and funds for charities in the spirit of the 12s.

Our Vision: To create chapters across the globe in support of helping every community realize their own spirit of the 12s.