What is a Sea Hawker?

Sea Hawkers — (SEE hawk-erz) n. pl. The most passionate, hardcore, devoted, cheer-crazy, raisin’ the roof, no life during football season havin’ fans on earth!!!

Our purpose is to have fun while supporting the Seahawks players and organization, and support various local charities. We are a volunteer organization run by and for Seahawks fans — fans like you!

Our Purpose: Through volunteerism, to support the Seattle Seahawks organization, players and families, fans and communities.

Our Mission: To make the world a better place by raising awareness and funds for charities in the spirit of the 12s.

Our Vision: To create chapters across the globe in support of helping every community realize their own spirit of the 12s.

Yolanda Morgan
Alena Edin
VP Membership
Elise Robinson
VP Entertainment
Sue Farley
VP Liaison
Open Position
Paul Gates
Past President
Anna Peterson
VP Publicity
Frances Sellars
Chris Childs
VP At Large